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Price Comparison Feed

A brand new, low cost service for your mini sites.  Easy to use in just a few steps.
Add affiliate programs to your account.
Create a comparison group and choose a template.
Search for a product and choose from the merchants who stock the product.
Download a snippet of code, FTP it to your mini-site and run it.
Add the the snippet of generated code to the page you want your price comparison to show.
Enjoy daily updated price feeds with cloaked affiliate links embedded!

Vendiva Price Comparisons and Site Builder Service

Price Comparisons

Putting Price Comparisons on your site for products you're promoting is a sure fire way of immediately gaining your visitors trust and gratitude.

For example, say you were promoting a particular brand of TV, and you were successful in pulling in traffic from the search engines. But you found that no matter how much detail you put in the review, hardly anyone was clicking your affiliate link, and if they were, then hardly any of them were buying.


Because you aren't giving your visitors enough value when they visit your site.

What really turns people on is to have all the information laid out in front of them, and then especially to be told where the best deal is right at that moment in time. If you supply that information, and they can see there's a special deal on at a particular merchant you've got them.

They may not have been planning to buy there and then and may have still been in information gathering mode, but if you remove their objections then they'll come to their decision much faster. Most times there and then.

Their main objections are usually:-

  • I'm worried because I don't have enough information to make an informed decision.
  • I want to feel my purchase is a good one and I don't know where the best deal is.

You can deal with both of those by supplying the information about the product and showing them where to get the best deal on it.

Let's face it, it's part of human nature to want something, make the decision to get it, and then rationalise and justify the purchase afterwards. We all do it.

If someone comes to your site looking for information, then the chances are they've already made the decision to buy, and are just looking to rationalise it. You can help them do that by giving them more information about the product, and then get them to rationalise the purchase by showing them where to get it at the best price.

If they don't buy there and then, you can be sure they've bookmarked your site and will come back again looking for the best deal they can get. But only if they can see you provide an up to date choice.

You can provide that choice with Vendiva Price Comparisons, and it won't break your budget either.

You can currently get unlimited hands-off auto-updating Price Comparisons for all your sites, plus the tools to display them for just $30 / month. Compare that to similar overpriced services at $97 / month and more, and you begin to see for yourself both the power of the service and the bargain you're getting.

Needless to say we won't be holding the service at this price forever.

All links created by the Comparison Service are automatically cloaked and have your affiliate referral id embedded with no extra work from you after joining an affiliate network and being approved by the merchants. We provide all the instructions you need, and at the time of writing we support Amazon US and UK, Affiliate Window, Commission Junction, LinkShare and Trade Doubler, with more to follow.

In the pipeline are Share A Sale, and Pepperjam. If there are any others you need, just let us know in the forum and we'll add them.

We also provide a WordPress plugin to allow you to easily display the Price Comparisons on your WordPress driven sites.

Finally, we auto-update all your price comparisons every few hours automatically. Just give the Price Comparison service the URL of your comparison, and we'll call it for you to regenerate the prices.

But if you prefer to create smaller more individual sites, then you'll also be pleased to know we provide access to our unique Vendiva Site Builder as part of the monthly fee.

Site Builder

The Site Builder allows you to quickly build small niche sites based around a set of keywords and automatically does all the on page SEO and page interlinking for you. All you need do is provide the content, everything else is done for you to create very search engine friendly pages.

By search engine friendly, we mean the Site Builder automatically creates a site map for you, generates an RSS feed, and you can now also 1-click "ping" the update services on the web which tell Google your site exists. This is the exact identical method that WordPress uses, now incorporated into the service.

We built the system with flexibility in mind, and if you just want to simply add content to your pages via the provided system templates and 1-click publish quickly, that's fine.

But you can also copy the system templates and create your own, or even create your own template from scratch. We included the ability to add code and text "snippets" to your templates, which we use to generate the menus, but you can also use them to add often used text and images to your site.

When you 1-click select a Price Comparison in a Site Builder generated site, we automatically do the price updates with no further work from you.

You can also upload your images to the Site Builder project you're working on.

In fact, most of the work can be done in your browser which means you can do everything from research key words and choose your domain name, to generating a price comparison and building a site, from anywhere you have a browser and an internet connection.

The only thing you can't do yet is edit your images online, but we're looking closely at that too...

The good news is, all of the sites you create are owned by you, and are completely standalone. So if you decide to unsubscribe from the service at any point, all your sites continue to work and can be edited manually in your favourite web editor.

If you want to take a closer look at the Site Builder, there's a video here:-

Site Builder Video

If you're ready to order or just want to read more about the Price Comparisons, you can find out more detail here:-

Price Comparisons

-Frank Haywood


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